The collection proudly puts Scandinavian values at the forefront, tapping into its traditions for environmental preservation, transparency, and social justice. The Nordic landscape informs the brand aesthetic and vision. It plays homage to the Scandinavian design legacy with its clean lines and honest functionality. It looks to address a Nordic narrative with its lifestyle and intimate connections to nature, and it looks to redefine the Scandinavian attitude combining utility and comfort in a new evolving range of signature designs.




With respect for people, the environment, and the community, responsible eco-friendly practices are at the core of the collection. All materials are carefully sourced from suppliers with unwavering dedication toward sustainability. We partner with suppliers making investments in new processes and new technologies that challenge sustainable standards. It comes down to the correct use of raw materials, the responsible management and reduction of waste, the minimizing of environmental impact from the use of energy, and the investment in the skills and the welfare of the people.




With a quality-over-quantity philosophy, the collection is proudly made in Italy. It empowers the product with the caliber of materials and excellence of craftsmanship. With a dedication to a high standard of execution, the aim is to create pieces that can be worn and treasured for a long time.




The product is shipped directly to the consumer from the manufacturer. It cuts out the middlemen and streamlines the process, saving costs and resources. The strategy reduces unnecessary shipping and waste. It allows the focus to be on the product and the value offered to its audience.




The collection is seasonless, with products launched in drops throughout the year. We do not believe that products have expiration dates. The styles are designed to be treasured and worn over time. We are looking to build a new wardrobe around personal expression with core values integrated into the design and execution of each piece.




The collection has a genderless appeal. Most of the pieces are cut with a relaxed attitude and easy fit. The styles are organized as Unisex and Women’s. The focus is on individual expression, with each piece designed as a stand-alone item intended to be mixed and worn in different combinations and ultimately to become part of a personal wardrobe over time.